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Riau Media is a premier scientific publisher dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge research and fostering new discoveries in various fields of science. We pride ourselves on our rigorous peer-review process and commitment to high-quality, accurate content.



Scientific Journals

We provide publication services for researchers according to their respective scientific fields.


We provide book publishing services for lecturers or researchers in accordance with the scientific field.

Intellectual Property Rights

We provide intellectual property rights assistance to protect your work

Why You Should Choose Us?

High-quality Peer Review Process

Riau Media ensures that all submissions are thoroughly reviewed by experts in the field to ensure the highest level of scientific accuracy and credibility.

Wide Dissemination

Riau Media has a wide distribution network, ensuring that published papers reach a global audience.

Open Access Options

Riau Media offers open access options for authors, making their research freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

Strong Ethical Standards

Riau Media is committed to maintaining strong ethical standards and ensuring that all published papers adhere to guidelines for research integrity.


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Email: info@riaumedia.id

Contact : +62 852-8986-6666

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